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Exploring Kuala Lumpur: Capsule Rooms, Virgin Cocktails and a Special Guest

Skyline of Kuala Lumpur from Hell Lounge Bar

Traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was a last minute decision. I barely did any research prior to booking the ticket. I knew I needed to renew my visa and flights to KL were cheap. Plus, I am always excited to explore a new country.

Surprise, I’m coming to visit!

My boyfriend, Cliff, booked a last minute plane ticket to come see me. It took him forty-forty hours of travel but he made it to Kuala Lumpur. Five years ago he didn’t even have a passport and now he is traveling alone halfway across the world. I was excited to show him where I have been all summer. I was planning to stay in KL until August 7th, but I really wanted Cliff to see Bali. So we decided to fly back to Indonesia earlier than I planned. We did spend a few days exploring KL before we missed boarded our flight to Bali.

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Visiting the Batu Caves with Cliff in Kuala Lumpur

For those wondering based on my last blog, flying back early will affect my original visa plan. I did have to pay for another Visa on Arrival (VOA) and I will have to go through the full renewal process. Both are completely worth it.

Capsule Hotels: Sleeping in a morgue?

Capsule hotels are starting to gain popularity all over the world but they originated in Japan in 1979 as a solution to a growing number of business men needing low cost accommodations in the city. A traditional capsule room is essentially a box that is wide enough for a twin mattress and tall enough to allow a person to sit upright. When these boxes are stacked on top of each other they resemble… a morgue. I know it doesn’t sound very inviting but please have an open mind. Although capsule hotels in the past were very basic, new hotels have high end bedding and a long list of amenities including gyms, restaurants and pools. I encourage you to read this article before you make your decision regarding a capsule hotel.

Tokyo's First Capsule Hotel: Capsule In Osaka
Tokyo’s first capsule hotel: Capsule Inn Osaka

I decided to stay at Mingle @ Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur. A friend from Bali recomended it me. I reserved a private twin capsule room. When I arrived I discovered I had been upgraded to a queen capsule room. I am positive that the hostel is psychic and knew Cliff would be coming to visit.

City Hub Capsule Hotel Amsterdam
City Hub Capsule Hotel Amsterdam
Book and Bed Capsule Hotel Tokyo
Book and Bed Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

Mingle is not a dedicated capsule hotel but as many other accommodations have discovered, a capsule provides a more efficient use of space. The capsule rooms at Mingle are designed to give people a private room with a small “living” area. Essentially, the design consists of bunk beds with opposite openings creating two separate private rooms. 

Queen Capsule Room Diagram
Diagram of a queen Capsule room.

My queen capsule room had a queen mattress sized “bunk bed.” It did seem a little strange to have a huge bed, but only a 7 x 4 foot area to “live in”. It was perfect for me, but I do not recommend it for two people. Or at least Cliff does not recommend it for two people. 

Must See: Heli Lounge Bar

If you are ever in Kuala Lumpur, you must go to the Heli Lounge Bar. Every evening a bar is set up on a helipad that is still used during the day. It has amazing views of the city including the Petronas Towers. The bar is a popular place to watch the sunset over KL. Our intention was to get there at sunset. But… squirrel. Is that a craft beer bar? It took longer than expected but we eventually made it to the lounge.

View of Petronas Towers from Heli Lounge Bar
View of the Petronas Twin Towers from the Heli Lounge Bar

I actually recommend arriving to the lounge after dark when all the buildings are already lit up. We were there on a Monday and there wasn’t a crowd or a line to get in. Entry was free with purchase of a beverage. Please do your research before you visit. I have been told that it can be really crowded and sometimes has a cover charge.

I don't have a short attention span. I just... Ok Look! A squirrel!

Are the Petronas Twin Towers a must see?

Even before Cliff actually booked his ticket, we had talked about what there was to do in KL. He was really excited about the Petronas Twin Towers.

Looking up at the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Petronas Twin Toweres

I have been to a lot of beautiful places in my travels and I’ve also regrettably paid to see the “best view” at the top of some tourist attraction. I refuse to take another crowded elevator ride to the top of a building just to take a photo. A photo that is inadvertently photobombed by some girl trying to get the perfect instagram shot. 

Of course when Cliff ended up in Kuala Lumpur, he wanted to visit the observation deck in the towers. So we did what all couples do… compromise. (Haha, I almost peed my pants from laughing.) Instead, I bribed Cliff with alcohol. For less than the price of admission to the observation deck, we could have cocktails AND a view at Heli Lounge Bar. In the end, Cliff did decide to visit the less pricey Sky Deck at the KL Tower while I was working. So I guess we did compromise.

View from bottom of Petronas Twin Towers
Looking up at the Petronas Twin Towers

We still visited the towers and they are actually pretty cool. The outside features these crazy multi-faceted walls of perfectly polished stainless steel and glass. Even at ground level the stainless steel had not one fingerprint on it. I am convinced there are Oompa Loompa’s secretly polishing the steel when no one is looking. At the bottom of the towers is the Suria KLCC mall. The mall is enormous. It has six floors and over 35 acres of shopping, including two huge food courts. It was the biggest mall I had ever seen until…

Berjaya Times Square

I had an appointment with a tattoo artist to get a new tattoo. It happened to be inside Berjaya Times Square. I had never heard of Berjaya Times Square and didn’t realize it was one of the largest malls in the world. We walked through the entrance of the building into an atrium that was at least nine stories tall. Every time we turned a corner, there would be another wing of stores. The mall contains a bowling alley, an Imax theater, a paint ball arena, an archery, multiple grocery stores, a police beat, a hotel and an entire section called Tiny Taipei with narrow streets and shops to look like a shopping street In Taipei.

If that wasn’t enough, I saved the best for last. The mall contains an entire amusement park. Not just a few rides. A full size amusement park with every ride you would expect to see at Six Flags including a full size rollercoaster. The mall is insane. 

Amusement Park in Berjaya Times Square
Amusement park in Berjaya Times Square mall.

And, no, we did not ride the roller coaster. Even though Cliff turned into a little child at the sight of it. “Mom, Can we? Can we?” We soon discovered that we could not just purchase a ticket to the rollercoaster. We had to buy an admission ticket to the whole amusement park, which was really expensive. Especially for one ride. Who would pay the entrance fee for Disney World and just ride Pirates of the Caribbean?

No Alcohol!

I don’t think I have touched on this yet. In Bali and Malaysia alcohol is expensive and hard to get due to religious reasons. Many restaurants only serve beer. And by beer, I mean one brand of beer. One positive is that you don’t have to agonize over what your beverage of choice will be. 

Be Warned! Restaurants will advertise “Happy Hour: 2 for 1 mojitos.” These are VIRGIN mojitos. I repeat. These are VIRGIN mojitos. Don’t be fooled. And don’t be that person who says “I’m wasted.” No, Ma’am, you are not. You were drinking a virgin, organic, vegan mango smoothie. There are plenty of places you can still imbibe. Just expect to pay close or even more than American prices. 

Taps Beer Bar Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
I highly recommend Taps Beer Bar

Ok. That’s fine. At least I can get free, unlimited alcohol at the airport lounge. NOPE. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) has only one Priority Pass lounge airside that serves free alcohol. And only Carlsberg beer. That is it. For anyone headed to KUL, head to the Plaza Premium Lounge in the klia2 terminal. It is located airside on level 2 of international departures. The lounge is located next to Gate L8.  Be careful, there are five Plaza Premium Lounges at KUL. Choose Wisely.

Drinking at the airport meme.

I am sure at this point someone reading this post is waving their finger at me. They are concerned for my well being. Questioning why I am so concerned with the lack of alcohol in Kuala Lumpur. Questioning why drinking at the airport is so important…

Oops. I made us miss our flight.

Cliff and I missed our flight. It was completely my fault. I wasn’t ready in time and we missed the bus to the airport. I am pretty sure this is the first time I actually missed my flight. Which is pretty good considering the amount of traveling I do and the fact that I am always running late. It was destined to happen sooner or later. Thankfully my boyfriend is the most easy going person in the world and wasn’t even fazed.

AirAsia Sucks

Even though it was my fault we were running late, I think we could have made the flight (or at least Cliff could have) if it wasn’t for the AirAsia employees at KUL. I have flown AirAsia before and have not had any issues but I do not recommend flying with them out of KUL. If you do, plan to arrive at the airport at least five hours early.

Airport Meme

When we arrived at the airport the check-in line for AirAsia was roped off. A large number of other travelers were standing around trying to figure out where to go and the AirAsia employee was refusing to help anyone. She was just standing there blatantly ignoring people. It was like we didn’t even exist. She finally decided to speak and said that everyone had to use the check-in kiosk to obtain luggage tags and then drop their bags off at the drop-off only counter. Since we were running late, the kiosk would not let us check-in and said we needed to see an attendant. I tried to tell her that but I did not get any form of a response. Anyone we tried to ask would point us in a different direction. Finally a bunch of passengers including me, ducked the rope and got in line. 

Enjoying Batu Bolong Beach, Bali, Indonesia
Beach day in Bali!

By the time we reached the check-in counter it was too late. The agent checked us in but said my bag would not make the flight. No problem, I thought. It can go on the next one… False. AirAsia requires you to fly with your bag. Cliff, who only had a carry on, tried to make the flight but the door closed as he arrived to the gate.

We both ended up having to purchase new tickets at full price. Finding the ticket counter went as well as trying to check in. I am starting to think AirAsia intentionally slows down the check in process. There seemed to be an abnormally large number of passengers that had missed their flights and were required to purchase a new ticket. Finally, after buying new tickets we were on our way to Bali!

The Monkey Ate My Cookie and Other Stories from Bali.

Monkey Forest Baby Monkey

Leaving Canggu

I made my way to Ubud, Bali. My reservation at Tribe Theory in Canggu was done. I was sad to leave. Many of the people that stay at Tribe are there for a month or longer. We became a little family. It was my safety net and I needed to spread my wings and fly.


First impressions of Ubud: It is beautiful and very touristy. I assumed the beach towns in Bali would be more crowded but I was wrong. Ubud has upscale stores and restaurants with the people to match. 

I am staying at the Shindu Homestay. I have my own patio. There is always a carafe of hot water on the table for tea and coffee. The breakfast is also amazing and free.

I thought all WIFI was the same. It is not. I have been learning the hard way. I can watch youtube and surf the web without a problem. Teaching english… problem.

I received a slap on the wrist for an IT issue. So I googled the nearest co-working place and practically ran there before my next class. This cost me a lot of money and time.

I am only booked at the homestay until tomorrow. I just, as I am writing this, found a place to stay with appropriate WIFI. 

Indonesia’s Visa Process

This might get confusing so I apologize. The majority of longterm travelers in Indonesia use one of two types of visas: Free Visit Visa and Visa on Arrival (VOA).

A Free Visit Visa grants you thirty days in Indonesia for free but is not extendable. It is issued at the immigration checkpoint and does not need to be applied for in advance.

A VOA (Visa on arrival) grants you up to sixty days in Indonesia. On arrival to the immigration check point, you need to purchase the visa for $37 BEFORE IMMIGRATION. This grants you thirty days AND the option to extend.

DMV Meme
I am scared the visa process with look like this.

Extending the visa for another thirty days is not the easiest process. It takes three different appointments over a weeks time and more money. From what I have read, it compares to going to the DMV in the US three days in a row.

I’m Going to Malaysia. 

After thirty days with a Free Visit Visa or sixty days with a VOA you must leave the country or face heavy fines. Although, there is not a specific length of time you must leave the country for before you can come back.

Let me introduce the “Visa Run.” A visa run entails leaving the country and then re-entering to obtain a new visa. The travelers I have met usually fly to the closest, cheapest country and fly black. Sometimes in the same day.

I have a VOA and would have to start the renewal process this week. This will only get me another thirty days and I will be here longer than that. So I would also have to do a “visa run.”

Instead of going through the whole renewal process, I am going to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Instead of turning right back around, I am going to stay there for a few weeks. When I re-enter Indonesia I should receive a new visa and it should last me until I come back to the states.

Sorry, that’s a lot of information. In short, I am going to Malaysia for seventeen days. Then I am coming back to Indonesia.

The Monkey Ate My Cookie

I went to visit the Monkey Forest so I could check one off the “what your supposed to do when you visit Bali” list. It was a bunch of monkeys with a bunch of tourists trying to take photos. This may sound weird… but I already have a lot of photos with monkeys.

After I left, I went to a pharmacy to buy some food. I had to walk twenty feet. Just out the pharmacy’s door and into Hubud. At about thirteen feet, a monkey jumps on me and grabs the whole unopened package of cookies. He came out of nowhere.

The monkey ate my cookies
Crackers Round 2

I put my head down in shame and went back into the store to buy another package of cookies. This time I put the package down my pants and ran door to door.

I would not have been a happy girl if that monkey stole my cookies again. You can steal my cookies once and I will let it go. Twice, I’ll cut you. Obviously, the monkey would kick my ass but I would give it a good fight. And flip him off as the ambulance drove away. 

Monkey with stolen cookies
I went outside later and he was still eating them!

Word of advice: Do not pay to get into the monkey forest. Just hang out in the area around it with a box of cookies. Preferably vanilla filled.

What I wish I knew my first week with VIPKID.


My first week with VIPKID was a little rough. I was just getting home from my winter nursing assignment. I was freaking out about not getting bookings. I was reading that it took some people months. I didn’t have months.

My first week, I tried to cram so much stuff in. I had never taught ESL before. And I quickly realized it was going to be a lot more difficult than I thought.

I tried to get every certification. I opened every slot. Never unpacked. Sat on my bed checking my phone every hour. When I did sleep, I was waking up every hour to check my slots. I was about to lose it. 

Practice makes progress not perfect. VIPKID Quote

One morning, after my 3rd workshop of the day, I finally just closed my computer and  told my self that I could not work on VIPKID for the rest of the day. I closed my open bookings. And I went for a run. Ok… maybe a walk. I ended up getting two bookings that day and I felt like all the information I had gathered the previous days finally sunk in. 

I actually got a booking my 2nd day. But when I read the notes from the other teachers, the student seemed like a “problem child.” Great. This booking wasn’t until the next week, therefor I had a week to fester in my anxiety.

My advice for your first week VIPKID:

1. Take workshops.

I got hired and then didn’t take it any further until I got back to Vegas after my winter nursing assignment.. When I sat down at my computer, I realized I had know idea where to start. I learned so much in the workshops. And there are workshops for every topic.

2. Do not take too many workshops.

DON’T sign up for 5 workshops a day. By the time I was on my 3rd workshop, I couldn’t focus and I felt like I wasn’t learning anything even though I’m sure it was very informative. 

3. Take the workshop “Marketing Yourself.”

It talks about how to tweak your profile and what Chinese Parents look for. 

4. Don’t make yourself crazy. 

5. It’s not as bad as you think.

I was losing sleep for no reason. I know I am not the best teacher, but I realized the 25 minutes go by quick. It is a lot easier to talk to a real child instead of a wall or some guy pretending to be a five year old. 

6. Preparation will get easier. 

I am super organized and need to be prepared. I made a binder and organized it by levels. It made me feel better, but even after my second class, I realized you won’t have to prepare as much as you may feel like you do. Yes, my first class, I made notes and practiced. It took me all day. Because of all my preparation for my first class, my second class only took me about thirty minutes of preparation. It definitely helped that it was the same student and same unit, but I do understand what teachers say.

I hope this decreases the anxiety you have when you first start with VIPKID. Just remember it will get easier. If you are not a teacher yet and are interested in becoming one you can learn more here. And please use my referral link to apply.

Travel with VIPKID