Just a Quick 34 Hour Trip to Bali

Nurse to Nomad

Of course I was running late… moving out of where I was staying and packing took longer than I thought. But lets be honest, I could have had another week and somehow I would still be late. And did I mention how hot Las Vegas is. That did not help me move any faster.

Nurse and Nomad
Going to Bali

I just want to take a second and thank my friend Julie, for watching my car while I’m away. I can’t wait to see pictures of her and her dog driving around with the top down. 

Thankfully my flight was delayed. This gave me time to check out my 2nd favorite (well 3rd favorite) domestic lounge, the Centurion Lounge. I have been there several times but always in the morning, before the bar is fully open. 

The food was excellent and the handcrafted cocktails were on point. The only reason the Centurion Lounges aren’t at the top of my list is they are always packed. If anyone is interested, you can read a great review of the lounge here

I plan to do a whole blog on travel hacking and lounge access but for now any American Express Platinum card holders have access. 

A Little Reminder of Home in the LAX Tunnels

For anyone who frequents LAX, you will be happy to hear that all terminals are now connected airside. No more collecting your luggage, riding a bus, and checking back in at another terminal. I’m pretty sure I walked a few miles but my ass will thank me later.

Aukland Airport
Aukland Airport

I have never flown Air New Zealand but it was very nice. Even in ecconnomy the seats were spacious and clean. The food was ehh, but the wine made up for it. I love that any international flight (at least that I have been on), gives free alcohol even way back in 3rd class. 

I had a five hour layover in Aukland. Strata Lounge has now moved to the top of my international lounge list. I know, I have an obsession with Lounges. Anyway after a shower, amazing food and a self serve bar, I was ready for the next part of my journey. Another 11ish hours and I should be at my hostel. 

7 thoughts on “Just a Quick 34 Hour Trip to Bali”

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    Wonderful update will be watching for all new travel news from “nursrandnomad” series!

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    Melanie Boock

    Fantastic blog! Enjoying following your adventures. Agree that Centurion lounges are way crowded. The D gate in Vegas lounge for priority pass holders is excellent, but who needs it in Vegas? Keep up the great blog. Miss you already. Snowed here in Vail today. Yay…

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    Susan, I might have been that concerned family in your note, not concerned that you are leaving nursing because I agree an ER will always be around if you need it and as you know they can never take your degree. I always worry about your safety but that is what big cousin/sisters do. I am so proud of you and continue to chat about you to friends, I tell them how amazing you are taking life by the horns and not passing up the opportunity when it arises. My kids are lucky to have an influence like you they look forward to your postcards and often take out the money you save for them from around the world to review the places you have traveled. You teach them that anything is possible and they can see or do anything they want. I am loving your blog and look forward to your next post. Keep living life to the fullest and always remember Rick me and the kids are here to support and love you. Emily

    1. Susan Weston

      your message. I love you and I will be safe. As safe as I would be in Vegas or even Carver. I’m glad I can be an influence for Brooke and Shawn. It inspires me to continue to live in a positive way. I am still nurse in Vegas. I’m just trying to work a little as I can. I’m loving it here. So relaxing. Miss you.

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