Top 11 Tips for Yacht Week Croatia

Welcome to the Shit Show that was Yacht Week Croatia 2023. This summer, I checked another item off my bucket list. After a week of partying through the islands of Croatia, I have 11 tips to ensure you have the best Yacht Week. 

1. Make a Flag, Stickers, etc 

We were lucky to have a boat just for our group. Since we are from Las Vegas, our theme was “Welcome to the Shit Show.” We had a flag made, and someone (Thanks, Nevarez) had the great idea of getting temporary tattoos made. By the time the week was over, most people on Yacht Week were sporting a “Welcome to the Shit Show” tattoo. It helped that we were a very outgoing boat. Have your group create a theme or name. Design a flag along with tattoos, stickers, etc. It will make it easy to meet other boats and have fun.

Temporary Tattoos
Everyone wanted a “Welcome to the Shit Show” Tattoo

2. Bring Water Floats

During the Tunnel Raft Party, everyone floated between the boats. Get something fun with a drink holder. 

Tunnel Raft Party

3. Have Euros

You will need Euros for the onboard kitty and at most bars and restaurants. Many ATMs were out of money, so be prepared before you leave Split.

tips for yacht week croatia

Exchanging Money in Foreign Countries 

While traveling, I never convert money at a money exchange office. I only use ATMs. Some people will argue this is a horrible idea, but they are not using the ATM correctly. 

The machine will try to trick you. It will ask if you would like to use their conversion rate. This rate will be horrible, so say No. You are not saying no to withdrawing money, just letting the machine convert it. If you say NO, your bank will make the conversion at the best rate. 

This is also true when making purchases with your card. Say NO when the card reader asks if you want to convert the amount to USD.

Some ATMs have high ATM fees, but it will still be the best deal to get local currency. If you want to avoid all ATM fees, get a Charles Swab Investor Checking account. It is free to open, and they reimburse ATM fees worldwide.

Need more clarification or want more information? This website explains it better than I can.

4. Participate in Theme Nights

My number one suggestion is to participate in all activities, including themes. It will make the whole experience more fun. 

There are two “theme nights” and a daytime regatta. Come up with a group costume for the regatta. Our boat was dressed in Mario Kart characters. 

Dressing for the theme nights can be confusing. The first theme, Siren’s Call, suggests people wear ruffles, sequins and shimmer to bring out their “inner mermaid,” but the Pinterest board they reference is all over the place. I wore a pink sequin dress. The second theme, The Lost Fortress of Atlantis, was more straightforward. Wear Blue

Mario Kart for Regatta
Regatta Day
Mario Kart for Regatta
Mario Kart!

5. Reserve A Host

GET A HOST! This is the most important tip for Yacht Week Croatia. I don’t know how people do it without one. It was expensive, but our host Mia cooked, cleaned, and got our asses in gear every day. Your host cooks breakfast and lunch daily and dinner on two nights. They also do the grocery shopping. The price of groceries is not included, and it says online that you are expected to pay for your skipper and host’s dinners on the other five nights. We took our hosts to dinner twice, so that rule wasn’t strictly enforced. Our host made so much food that we weren’t usually hungry for dinner. When I read the details, it sounded like a rip-off, but it was worth it. Other boats were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the whole time. Make sure you get up for breakfast. It is worth it.

We were lucky to get the best skipper and host. Thank you, Mia and Simon!

tips for yacht week croatia
We love you, Mia!

6. Pack Ear Plugs

It is loud. People are drinking and partying. The boats are tied together, meaning people walk across your boat at all hours. If you have any trouble sleeping with noise, bring earplugs. Consider splurging on a nice set of earplugs over the basic foam ones. They are a good investment if you spend time at concerts and festivals. 

7. Bring a Universal Adapter

Croatia operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. This means items that are not dual voltage will need a voltage converter. Luckily, most items are dual voltage. Your phone, computer and most electronics are dual voltage, but remember always to check first. The major problem lies with hair tools. You can buy hair straighteners and curling irons that are dual voltage. Most major brands are already dual voltage, but check the box before purchasing. Very few hair dryers are dual voltage. If you will need a hair dryer for Yacht Week, make sure you use a voltage converter. 

Even if your device is dual-voltage, you will still need an adapter. Croatia has two associated plug types, types C and F. 


Be careful using a dual-voltage device in a voltage converter. You only need an adapter. I blew my dual-voltage straightener by plugging it into a converter.

8. Pack an Extra Beach Towel

You will only be provided with one towel. Bring an extra beach towel for laying out in the sun. You don’t want to be showering with a sandy towel. 

tips for yacht week croatia
Wearing Blue “The Lost Fortress of Atlantis” Party

9. Showering

Although your boat will have showers, they have limited water. You will want to save your water for cooking and cleaning. A boat shower should be 30 seconds – wet, lather, rinse. At every port, there are showers you can use, but they are a few minutes walk from the boat. Bring a bag to carry your shower supplies back and forth.

Travel Tip 

Hotels and hostels usually have hair dryers available. I never pack a hair dryer when I travel, but if you need one for Yacht Week, you must bring your own. 

10. Keep Your Drinks Cold

No one wants a watered-down drink. Bring one insulated water bottle to drink water from and another for your cocktails. 

Yacht Week Group

11. Download Apps


Splitwise is a great app to have for group travel. Instead of trying to keep track of who buys the next round, enter all expenses in the app, and Spliwise will keep track of how much money each person owes at the end of the trip. You can even send and receive money through the app. 


WhatsApp is the universal messaging and phone app. If you have ever traveled abroad, you know what WhatsApp is. Communicate with your group and any friends you want to “hang out” with after last call.  Most hotels, cabs and restaurants outside the US advertise their WhatsApp number.

Day 8

Day 8 is the official Yacht Week app. You can review your itinerary each day. You can also meet the rest of your Yacht Week Crew before the trip. During our week, a guy posted a photo of his friend getting a pedicure before yacht week. I don’t think his friend was very happy when 100 people asked to see his pedicure on the first day. 

Now you have the top 10 tips you should know before Yacht Week Croatia. Next, check out the Guide to The Yacht Week Croatia Itinerary.

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