What I wish I knew my first week with VIPKID.

My first week with VIPKID was a little rough. I was getting home from my winter nursing assignment. I was freaking out about not getting bookings. I was reading that it took some people months. I didn’t have months.

My first week, I tried to cram so much stuff in. I had never taught ESL before. And I quickly realized it was going to be a lot more complicated than I thought.

I tried to get every certification. I opened every slot. Never unpacked. I Sat on my bed, checking my phone every hour. When I did sleep, I was waking up every hour to check my slots. I was about to lose it. 

Practice makes progress not perfect. VIPKID Quote

One morning, after my 3rd workshop of the day, I finally just closed my computer and told myself that I could not work on VIPKID for the rest of the day. I closed my open bookings. And I went for a run. Ok… maybe a walk. I ended up getting two bookings that day, and I felt like all the information I had gathered the previous days finally sunk in.

I actually got a booking on my 2nd day. But when I read the other teachers’ notes, the student seemed like a “problem child.” Great. This booking wasn’t until the next week; therefore, I had a week to fester in my anxiety.

My advice for your first week VIPKID:

1. Take workshops.

I got hired and then didn’t take it any further until I got back to Vegas after my winter nursing assignment… When I sat down at my computer, I realized I had no idea where to start. I learned so much in the workshops. And there are workshops for every topic.

2. Do not take too many workshops.

DON’T sign up for five workshops a day. By the time I was on my 3rd workshop, I couldn’t focus, and I felt like I wasn’t learning anything even though I’m sure it was very informative.

3. Take the workshop “Marketing Yourself.”

It talks about how to tweak your profile and what Chinese Parents look for. 

4. Don’t make yourself crazy. 

5. It’s not as bad as you think.

I was losing sleep for no reason. I know I am not the best teacher, but I realized the 25 minutes go by quickly. It is a lot easier to talk to a real child instead of a wall or some guy pretending to be a five-year-old.

6. Preparation will get easier. 

I am super organized and need to be prepared. I made a binder and organized it by level. It made me feel better, but even after my second class, I realized you wouldn’t have to prepare as much as you may feel like you do. Yes, in my first class, I made notes and practiced. It took me all day. Because of all my preparation for my first class, my second class only took me about thirty minutes of preparation. It helped that it was the same student and the same unit, but I understand what teachers say.

I hope this decreases the anxiety you have when you first start with VIPKID. Just remember, it will get easier. If you are not a teacher yet and are interested in becoming one, you can learn more here. And please use my referral link to apply.

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